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First and foremost, we are syndicated radio program junkies. We love everything Watermark ever put out. Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens with American Top 40, Don Bowman and Bob Kingsley with American Country Countdown, Murray the K and Gary Owens with Soundtrack of the 60's, Wink Martindale with the Elvis Presley Story and specials such as Ringo Starr's Yellow Submarine, Mick Fleetwood's Fab Fourth and the Robert W. Morgan specials.

Not to be outdone, Drake-Chenault was also a quality producer. They produced Mark Elliott with the Weekly Top 30, Charlie Van Dyke with the Weekly Music Magazine, the Elvis special and of course Bill Drake with the History of Rock and Roll.

Unfortunately, many of these programs have never been heard from again. The master tapes have been destroyed, forgotten and simply lost. On the other hand, vinyl or reel to reel copies do surface and when they do, they are treasured which brings us to what we do.

What We Do
We strive to preserve and restore audio such as the programs listed above. If you read the about us page you will discover how our services are being put to use. We have an extensive library and hope to assist both radio and collectors. We use a very meticulous process for restoring audio and hope to have some before and after samples posted SOON.

How You Can Help!
We are always looking to add to our collection and will gladly buy or help you sell your American Top 40, Casey's Top 40 or other radio collections. Just use the contact links to let us know what you have! We are ESPECIALLY looking for Casey's Top 40, Weekly Music Magazine and Weekly Top 30 broadcasts!!!

What's on our HOT list?




Opus 71 was a 6-hour year end countdown that covered the top 100 songs of 1971. It was written by Roy Nelson, narrated by Gary Schaeffer and featured PAMS jingles. The show was produced by former KYA PD Dick Starr who was then at WINZ Miami.

We have all other Opus year end shows in our library from 1972 through 1981.


This was a great program that only lasted one season with Charlie Van Dyke as the host. We are still looking for THE FINAL MISSING vinyl copy of this date:


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