The Shows!
With this page we hope to provide a little background and history on shows that we've worked on and/or just love!!

American Top 40 (1970 - present)
American Top 40 HAC (2004 - present)
American Top 20 (1998 - Mar 13, 2004)
American Top 10
(Mar 20, 2004 - Jul 4, 2009)
American Top 20 HAC (1998 - Jul 4, 2009)

American Top 40 began on July 4, 1970 and was originally distributed by Watermark Inc. Casey Kasem hosted the program until August 6, 1988 when Casey left ABC to start Casey's Top 40 at Westwood One. Shadoe Stevens hosted American Top 40 from August 13, 1988 through the end of the show's first run in January 1995.

American Top 40 was revived on March 28, 1998 when Casey Kasem pitched the idea to his network, Westwood One, to rename Casey's Top 40 as American Top 40, after getting the rights to the name from ABC. Westwood One refused, so Kasem took himself and the AT40 name to AMFM Radio syndication. Casey would continue hosting until January 10, 2004 when Ryan Seacrest took over hosting duties.

Casey's Top 40 (1989-1998)
Casey's Biggest Hits (1989-1998)
Casey's Countdown (1992-1998)
Casey's Hot 20 (1994-1998)
Casey's Top 40 was hosted by Casey Kasem and distrubted by Westwood One from 1989-1998. Casey's Top 40 was similar to Kasem's old AT40 show featuring Kasem's trademark voice, teasers, and trivia on the songs and artists. We have the majority of the entire Casey's Top 40 collection but are still looking for shows.

Ironically, during the show's final two weeks (3-14 and 3-21-98), guest hosts filled in for the "vacationing" Casey Kasem, even though he already left Westwood One. On the last show, no mention of Casey was made.

American Country Countdown (1973-2006)
Bob's Country Top 40 (2006-2019)

While ACC continues to run, the dates above represent our holding of the entire ACC show run from the 1973 demo and debut show through the end of 2006. The original host of ACC was Don Bowman. Bowman hosted the show from the October 6, 1973 debut through April 29, 1978. At that point, producer/engineer Bob Kingsley took over the hosting duties.

Soundtrack of the 60s (1980-1984)
Soundtrack of the 60s ran from June 7, 1980 through July 7, 1984 and was hosted by Murray the K and Gary Owens. We have quite a few of these.


Elvis Presley Story (1971, 1975 & 1977)
We have all three of these as hosted by Wink Martindale. The original was produced in 1971. Modifications and an additional hour was added in 1975. The 1977 version covers Elvis' death with an added Hour 13.

Ringo's Yellow Submarine (1983)
This was a 26 hour program producer by ABC Watermark in 1983 hosted by Ringo Starr and highlighting the Beatles.

Weekly Top 30 (1979-1981)
Drake-Chenault produced the Weekly Top 30 from June 30, 1979 to January 2, 1982. Mark Elliott hosted this weekly 3-hour countdown of the Top 30 songs each week. We have quite a few of these and are looking to complete the collection.


Weekly Music Magazine (1982)
After Drake-Chenault concluded production of Weekly Top 30 on January 2, 1982, they came back the following week with Weekly Music Magazine. Charlie Van Dyke hosted this weekly 3-hour countdown of the Top 30 songs each week. It ran from January 9, 1982 through December 25, 1982. The last show being the Top 60 of 1982. We have quite a few of these and are looking to complete the collection.

Opus Year End Countdowns (1971-1981)
Toby Arnold and Associates / TM Century produced Top 100 year end programs distributed to stations. We have 1972 through 1981 and are looking for the mysterious 1971 offering. Larry McKay hosted several of the early countdowns and Charlie Van Dyke took on the duties for 1978-1981.

Beatles - The Days of Their Lives (1981)
This 30 hour program chronicles every Beatles Parlophone release (LP, single, EP) in chronological order and features a ton of interviews and other features. We have remastered this.

History of Rock and Roll (1969, 1978, 1981)
Depending upon who you talk to, the History of Rock and Roll means different shows to different people. We have copies of the KHJ-Los Angeles and WOR-New York 48-hour versions from 1969. We have copies of the 1978 Drake-Chenault program and a pristine copy of the 1981 Drake-Chenault 52-hour version.

History of Country Music (1981-1982)
We were so excited to finally track down this 52 hour masterpiece put together in 1981 by Drake-Chenault! It is narrated by the legendary Ralph Emery and is a fantastic companion to the Ken Burns countrty music documentary.

National Music Survey (1981-1983)

How You Can Help!
We are always looking to add to our collection of the above programs.

p.s. Be looking for a special montage to be added soon!!

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